Welcome to NCCVMRC

During the various past State Expanded Programme Immunization Officers/Cold Chain Officers Review meeting request has been made by the State Cold Chain Officers to have a system which will be helpful in managing and monitoring the cold chain equipment and also helpful in taking management decisions related to cold chain using real time information. Action on the felt need of MIS system the MoHFW in partnership with UNICEF developed the web based NCCMIS to monitor the cold chain system real time setting across the country.

The MoHFW looks at NCCMIS not only as a software but as s comprehensive tool to streamline the cold chain system. It is envisaged as a tool for planning and taking management decision based on real time information, as a monitoring tool for current equipment status, as a repository of cold chain equipment for the country and as a platform for future innovations in cold chain and vaccine management.

NIHFW, through the NCCVMRC, is responsible for the overall maintenance and implementation monitoring of NCCMIS across the country including providing helping support to end users.