Government of India Guidelines

SN Description Year Download
1 Operational Guidelines for Mission Indradhanush 2016 Download
2 AEFI Surveillance and Response: Operational Guidelines 2015 2015 Download
3 Guidelines For Cold Chain 2007 Download
4 Condemnation of Cold Chain Equipment 2005 Download
5 Guidelines For Disposal of Unusable Vaccines 2009 Download
7 Guidelines For Use of Vaccines With VVMs 2008 Download
8 STFI & DTFI Guidelines 2008 Download
9 Open Vial Policy Guidelines 2012 Download
10 Communication Guidelines for Building Vaccine Confidence around AEFI 2013 Download
11 Specification of cold chain equipments
  - Automaic Voltage Stabilizer N/A Download
  - caliberation of thermometer N/A Download
  - DFL Final N/A Download
  - DFS Final N/A Download
  - Final_Specification of Vaccine Delivery Van N/A Download
  - Final Specifications Freeze_Marker N/A Download
  - Ice packs modified 16.09.2013 N/A Download
  - ILR Large Final N/A Download
  - ILR Small Final N/A Download
  - Ref truck N/A Download
  - Ref van N/A Download
  - Specifications Cold Box (L) N/A Download
  - Specifications Cold Box (S) N/A Download
  - Specifications Vaccine Carrier N/A Download
  - Stem Alcohol Thermometer N/A Download
  - WIC16 N/A Download
  - WIC32 N/A Download
  - WIC40 N/A Download
  - WIF16 N/A Download
  - WIF32 N/A Download
  - WIF40 N/A Download
12 Addendum to IPV Introduction Guidelines based on Recommendations of India Expert Advisory Group (IEAG) N/A Download
13 INTENSIFIED Operational Guidelines MISSION INDRADHANUSH N/A Download
14 Operational Guidelines for IPV N/A Download
15 Introduction of Measles Rubella Vaccine Guidelines N/A Download
15 Mission Indradhanush Operational Guidelines 2016 Download
16 Operational Guidelines Introduction of in the Rotavirus Vaccine Universal Immunization Programme in India N/A Download
16 Operational Guidelines for Pentavalent Vaccine 2014 Download
17 Operational Guidelines for Pneumococcal Vaccine (PCV) Conjugate 2017 Download